August 11, 2006

EU micromanagement

Do you keep your lights on whilst driving during the day? Do you care? The EU does, and wants everybody to be forced to keep their lights on at all times. And what exactly does this have to do with a free trade area? There is a reason that it has a reputation for silly laws to micromanage every part of peoples live. There are arguements for and agaisnt this proposal
Katherine Mill, for Greenpeace, said: "Any proposal that would have an impact by increasing CO2 emissions should be matched by one to counteract that." Dudley Curtis, spokes-man for the European Federation for Transport and Environment, added: "Keeping car lights on during the day will save lives. There's no reason why fuel-efficiency should take a big hit."
But neither seems to have struck on the obvious objection, that this has absolutely nothing to do with the EU and has no need for being regulated at the EU level.


Blogger Martine Martin said...

Spot on! It's got nothing to do with them. Oh all this imbecilic supranational-micronannying is giving me high blood pressure!

9:35 pm  

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